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Next Floor: Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our company. That’s why we invest in R&D.

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Our Mission

Our clients choose us for our innovative elevator parts and first-in-class customer service. Vidatech is a manufacturer of elevator products that is both innovative and client-focused. We achieve this by offering reliable and novel elevator technology that can be installed into new elevators or retrofitted into existing ones with minimal disruption. We started our journey in Quebec City, Canada, and now serve clients throughout North America.

Our 2019 Emergency elevator communication solution

Implementation of the 2019 elevator safety code is underway. This code calls for several elevator safety requirements. Discover all our products who respect de latest standards.

Produits Thunder
Produits LCD

Our Display Products

Our team creates innovative products around the last technologies in the elevator world. We concentrated in display screen as LCD indicators, LED indicator, touch screens and many others.

Satisfaction Garanteed

We don’t see ourselves as just a manufacturer of innovative elevator parts; we are real allies to our clients, working closely with them to succeed together. We typically work with integrators, elevator installers and elevator consultants.

Innovation Is Our Priority

We’re not afraid to reinvent ourselves and push boundaries. We believe that’s the best way to improve the industry, by democratizing new technologies that can embellish the elevator end-user experience.

User Friendly

We always develop products that are as easy to use as possible. It's important to minimize the difficulty of installation or use. Our principal preoccupation is to enhance the elevator user experience.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

" Vidatech is a technology company providing high quality solutions and outstanding support. Vincent is a great listener, but also always attuned to new trends in the market and that’s why he’s one of our preferred partners."


" Vidatech is an innovative company that listens to the needs of the community, we see a great future for them and their products. "


" A huge help for our team. Vidatech develops products that are easy to use, affordable and of great quality! "

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