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About us

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Your Innovative Manufacturing Partner

Move closer to the future with our innovative technology that upgrades elevator functionality and style.

Bringing new technology to the elevator market: that’s the essence of what we do at Vidatech. We imagine new designs with our R&D to create and manufacture elevator parts that will modernize your elevator. Our mission is simple: to offer high quality elevator products that are visually appealing and easy to install and configure. What sets us apart is our commitment to customer service. With over 13 years in the elevator business, we have built a strong expertise that allows us to know which connected accessories the market is seeking.

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Meet Our Founder

An Innovative Approach to Elevators

Founder and President of Vidatech, Vincent Doyon began his career as a hardware designer at Instrumentation GDD and Kolombo Technologie. He then became an electrical engineer for Luvicom and UMANX. His deep passion for innovation led him to found his own company in 2008. And Vidatech was born. Vincent envisions a future where new and innovative technology are present in every elevator of the world.

Your business partner

Ally of Elevator Integrators, Installers and Consultants Since 2008

To our clients, we are more than an elevator part manufacturer. We partner with elevator integrators, installers and consultants to achieve their clients’ vision. We provide them with the latest technology and products that are easy to install and configure. This allows us to build long-term relationships with our clients.

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Vidatech for Integrators

You can trust us to provide you with the products and look that your clients are seeking.

Vidatech for Installers

We are flexible and can adapt to meet your particular situation.

Vidatech for Consultants

We will work closely with you to meet your clients’ vision and to assist you throughout the project.

Vidatech for the End-User

If you want to improve your elevator end-user experience with the latest technology, look no further and talk to your installer about the Vidatech solutions.

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