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9-1-1 is not available through Vidatech's VOIP services and liability limitations.

9-1-1 is not available through Vidatech's VOIP services

Vidatech recognizes the importance of adhering to regulations imposed on telecommunications service providers by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to protect users. The CRTC ensures the effective regulation of telecommunication and broadcasting services, making certain that providers meet established standards. Vidatech primarily employs VoIP technology for making emergency calls via the Internet instead of traditional telephone lines, offering benefits such as cost reduction and the integration of various services like video calls and SMS.

However, VoIP technology poses unique challenges for the e911 emergency service, particularly in terms of precise call location, which can lead to significant costs to ensure the required accuracy. Vidatech enjoys an exemption from e911 VoIP regulations thanks to its service model that offers VidatechStorm at no explicit charge and restricts autonomous bilateral communications. This approach allows Vidatech to provide innovative access to emergency communication services without the monthly costs typically associated with e911 compliance, thus offering its users an effective and economical solution for their emergency communication needs in elevators.

For those who still wish to access the e911 service, Vidatech offers an optional subscription.

For more information about CRTC regulations related to emergency services and VoIP, you can visit the CRTC’s official website,

CRTC Regulatory Responsibilities and Obligations:

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Liability Limitations

The terms and conditions of Vidatech absolve the company of any liability concerning its unified communications service.

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