Elevator Technologies

Technologies in boards

Our team creates innovative products around the last technologies

in the elevator world.  


All our products support Canbus communication with different elevator controllers. We are always trying to increase our compatibility with major controller manufacturers. It is easy for installers to choose the right controller, since each canbus integration is selectable by a specific dipswitch pattern available in every Vidatech Canbus compatible products.

Tableau Integration_canbus.png


Thanks to vPixel, installers and users can update the information on their PIs through a centralized location. Useful where on-site USB updates are becoming a pain to perform, when too much LCD screen need to be update. This option is available on demand on all our products. An extra twisted-pair must be available between all products and the gateway.


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed Safelift, a mobile app to improve the safety of our clients. Thanks to this app, you can call the elevator with your phone via Bluetooth.